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White collar crime is loosely defined as those non-violent crimes, such as embezzlement, employee or identify theft, that occur in a business setting. White collar crimes prosecuted in a state court often involve complex business relationships and require meticulous attention to detail by defense counsel. Even if you are only being investigated for a white collar offense, you should seek immediate advice from a criminal law specialist.

Criminal defense specialist, Matthew Kaestner, has 30 years of experience in criminal law. His recent white collar case involved the “Caretaker Plan” scheme that resulted in attention by Fox News and other major media outlets. Attorney Kaestner represented one of the alleged ring leaders of the real estate re-finance scheme that resulted in a loss estimated at over 30 million dollars.

The government originally offered 24 years of a maximum sentence of 48 years to attorney Kaestner’s client. They then lowered the offer to15 years as they “rolled” other co-defendant’s against attorney Kaestner’s client to testify in exchange for leniency. After attorney Kaestner filed a 60 page motion to dismiss, the offer was dropped to 5 years and 8 months, which was almost “time served” since the case took over two years to litigate. (People v. Rene S., Case No. BA400145-03.)

Oftentimes, persons accused of white collar offenses have no criminal history and are law-abiding citizens. Persons accused of white collar crime often face losing their reputation, home or even family if they suffer a criminal conviction. Tragically large employers will occasionally bully prosecutors into bringing criminal charges because of a failed business relationship or a misunderstanding about business expenses. Innocent misunderstandings can be turned into serious accusations.

Most "white collar" crimes are charged as felonies and thus treated seriously by the District Attorney. (See the section in this site on Felonies.) In those cases where the D.A. charges that a substantial loss was suffered, a state prison sentence is often sought at the beginning of the case. It is critical, therefore, that persons accused of white collar offenses promptly locate an experienced criminal law attorney. An experienced criminal attorney will investigate the case before witnesses' memories fade and evidence is lost or destroyed. Only an aggressive and experienced attorney will be able to stand up to both the accusing employer and the government prosecutors. An experienced criminal law specialist can ferret out the factual weaknesses and inconsistencies in the case as well as engage in tough negotiations when necessary.

Long Beach criminal attorney, Matthew Kaestner, has been trying criminal cases to juries since 1984. He has experience working for two prosecutor's offices in the 1980s and has practiced criminal defense exclusively since 1989. In the last several years, Mr. Kaestner has obtained outright dismissals in white collar cases in Long Beach involving employee embezzlement and identity theft. Mr. Kaestner has also negotiated probationary "no jail time" settlements on employee thefts involving losses in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Whether you are guilty of bad judgement or wrongfully accused of a white collar crime, always invoke the right to remain silent and refuse to be interviewed by anyone until you can confer with an experienced criminal law lawyer. Long Beach Criminal Law Specialist Matthew G. Kaestner is always available to answer your questions about white collar crimes and your rights. Call him directly at (562) 437-0200.