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Long Beach criminal attorney Mr. Kaestner has, over 30 years, built a reputation as one of Long Beach's hardest working, aggressive, and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers. His recent successes demonstrate the type of defense he brings to every case he handles. Mr. Kaestner is a Board certified criminal law specialist.

In the past 24 months, January of 2014 through February, 2016, Mr. Kaestner has, at trial, obtained a complete acquittal on charges of first degree murder with gang enhancements. (People v. Rafael C., Case No. BA417858-04.) After two hung juries on murder charges, Mr. Kaestner achieved a verdict of voluntary manslaughter for a client who violently killed his cellmate. (People v. Sirrell M., Case No. BA388607.)

In the 13 months from January of 2015 through February of 2016 alone, attorney Kaestner obtained trial acquittals or outright dismissals for clients charged with domestic violence, petty theft, resisting arrest, assault, public nudity, transportation of drugs for sale, vandalism, possession of cocaine, building code violations, and others.

In May of 2014, criminal defense attorney Kaestner kept one client from lifetime registration by beating an indecent exposure charge before a jury. Later that year, attorney Kaestner received a “not guilty” verdict from an Orange County jury after a client was falsely accused of child abuse for scolding a boy who was bullying his daughter.

In 2012 through 2013, Mr. Kaestner walked client Ernest C. out of jail a free man after he was acquitted by jury of attempted murder charges with a gang allegation. (Case No. BA371358.) In a case that attracted media attention attorney Kaestner achieved a dismissal for a local Long Beach businessman who was accused of receiving over $200,000 of stolen property. Not only did Mr. Kaestner get the charges dismissed, he had the Court order the return of every single piece of property the police seized.

During 2012 and 2013, attorney Kaestner also had drug and gun charges dismissed after prevailing on a motion to suppress the evidence as an illegal search and seizure. He received a voluntary manslaughter verdict for a Pomona man who was charged with first degree murder.

In 2011, attorney Kaestner obtained dismissal of felony child endangerment charges for a young father because of gun storage issues. (People v. Richard R., case No. NA087764.) Later that year, attorney Kaestner won a jury trial in Norwalk charging a man with assault after he put two men in the hospital during a bar fight. (People v. Joe N., Case No. VA118327.)

In 2010, Long Beach attorney and criminal law specialist, Matthew Kaestner, had two acquittals of note. On October 4, 2010, attorney Kaestner obtained a not guilty verdict at jury trial on a charge of attempted murder. (People v. Felix V., Case No. NA084002.) This not guilty verdict followed one months earlier on a multiple count extortion case in Compton that received media attention. (People v. Carlos G., Case No. TA104665)

Criminal law specialist Matthew Kaestner’s efforts for his clients has garnered him recognition on a local and national level.

In September of 2006, Mr. Kaestner obtained freedom for a young man, Juan Herrera, who had been wrongfully convicted of murder in 1999. Mr. Kaestner fought for 3 long years to prove that Mr. Herrera was innocent and that his prior lawyer had failed to act competently. Mr. Herrera walked out of prison after serving seven long years of what would otherwise have been a life sentence. (People v. Herrera, Long Beach case no. NA040331.)

Attorney Kaestner’s efforts for Mr. Herrera are now recognized on the National Registry of Exonerations. (Read More)

Mr. Kaestner's efforts in winning a new trial for a man convicted of his third strike in 2005 led one Long Beach Judge to comment that: "This is the best presentation I've ever had on a motion for a new trial. I've probably had a thousand trials...because I've been doing this [sitting as a Judge] for 22 years." (People v. Garcia, Long Beach case no. NA063984.)

Effective criminal law defense requires that knowledge of criminal law, scrupulous attention to detail, thorough preparation and a polished courtroom presentation come together. As an experienced former prosecutor and seasoned criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Kaestner thrives on winning cases for his clients. Whether working quietly behind the scenes or doing battle in court, Mr. Kaestner will bring over 30 years of criminal law experience to bear in the fight for your freedom. You may call Long Beach Criminal Law Specialist Matthew Kaestner directly at (562) 437-0200.